My pattern says there are available downloads for enlarged diagrams here on the website. Where can I find them?

All additional diagrams and instructions can be found here on the downloads page.

Do you have to know how to sew to use the DVDs?

You will need a basic working knowledge of your sewing machine, and really, that’s about all!  Basic quilting requires that your machine be able to stitch forward and backward.  The rest is up to you and the hints I provide on stitching in a straight line.   I’ve taught folks who have never sewed before, and with care and practice, they have created beautiful quilts!

What kind of sewing machine will I need?

There are many complicated and expensive sewing machines, some recommended specifically for quilting.  You really don’t need them!  My very favorite sewing machine for quilting is my old Singer Featherweight from the early 1950s.  It’s lightweight, portable,  has a lovely stitch, and is easy to fix if something goes wrong with it.  It goes forward and backward, and that’s all I need.  So, the bottom line is that you don’t need an expensive machine with tons of whistles and bells!

If I am a total beginner, what pattern would you recommend I start with first?

All of these quilt patterns are easy to do if the instructions are carefully followed.  I’ve taught them to non-quilters, and they’ve caught on with no problem.  The beauty of the DVD is that you can go back and review a direction as many times as needed in order to grasp the concept. I would say the easiest and fastest pattern is Grateful Heart.

Can I contact you if I have a problem?

Yes, you can contact me by using the email address on the “contact” page. I try to respond to all emails within 48 hours of receiving them.

How long will it take to make a quilt from start to finish?

The time you’ll need to complete your quilt will depend, of course, on the size of the quilt and how often you’ll be able to work on it.  I give three day workshops, and in that time most folks are able to finish their quilt top if they stay focused on that goal.

How much will it cost for me to make my heirloom quilt?

The cost of your quilt is going to be based on many variables, ie: the amount of fabric you’ll need, the quality of fabric you purchase, how you decide to have it quilted, etc.  I always recommend that top quality fabric be used, fabric that has a high thread count and is soft to the touch as well as beautiful.  Of course, this fabric is going to be more expensive unless you purchase it from the bargain table at a good fabric store.  (Always a good choice!)  Good fabric will usually cost from $7 to $10 a yard, while cheaper fabric may be $3 or $4 a yard.  Always keep in mind that you’re going to be spending a lot time and energy on your quilt, and that when finished, it will become a family heirloom.  So, go for the best!  Hand stitching or machine quilting your finished quilt top yourself, will always be the cheapest option.  Having your quilt hand stitched by someone else is always going to be expensive as they will probably charge by the hour, and it will take a long time.  Having your quilt top machine quilted with several different patterns by an expert machine quilter is a lovely option, as you’ll be able to choose the quilting patterns that you want used, but it’s not a cheap option.  Another choice is to have your quilt stitched by a machine quilter using a pantograph, a pattern that is used to cover the entire quilt.  I love this this option as you can choose sailboats, flowers, pretty swirls or geometrics, whatever tickles your fancy, and it’s not that expensive.  Once again, it’ going to depend upon the size of your quilt.

How can I find a good machine quilter?

Your best bet would be to inquire at a good fabric store for excellent machine quilters in your local area, then call them and ask what services they offer, and how much they charge.  You could also go online to find machine quilters.

Does Abracadabra Quilting have any more patterns to choose from?

Abracadabra Quilting has two patterns available for purchase at this time on DVD and will be releasing four more Streamable patterns throughout 2012 to complete the first series of six patterns. Auntie Mary created many, many patterns, so there may be more to come in the future! Sign up for the Abracadabra Newsletter if you are interested in finding out when the new patterns are released.

I’ve finished my quilt and absolutely LOVE it! Do you have any information on how to care for it?

Abracadabra Quilting has written an entire blog post about the care of quilts. Please see that post by clicking here.