Jewel Box (sometimes called Buckeye Beauty)  (dimensions: 74″ x 62″)

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This is a lovely quilt top and a great way to use scraps left over from other quilting projects.  (We quilters are very thrifty!)  If this is your first quilt top, not to worry-I’ll give you the number of fabrics and amounts needed. I love to teach this pattern because of two wonderful shortcut techniques that are explained which will save you oodles of time, and will be useful in many other quilt patterns.  You can choose colors that are soft and “cottagey” or colors that are more vibrant and  modern looking.  It truly is a “jewel” of a quilt and lots of fun to create! Happy stitching, Wendy


2 Responses to Jewel Box

  1. Mary says:

    What a beautiful quilt! I love the colors.

  2. jenabby1 says:

    Hi Mary~I’m so glad you like the Jewel Box quilt pattern and the soft “cottagey” colors I chose for this one. Actually, all the fabrics were scraps from my stash. This a great pattern for using all those smaller pieces you’ve been saving from past projects. It makes you feel thrifty (like the quilt-makers in past times who used old clothing scraps) while at the same time creating your lovely new quilt top. If you’re interested in seeing the same pattern in primary colors, go to my pinterest board called “Quilting”. It’s pretty amazing how different the two quilts look, same pattern but different color-ways.

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